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Our origin story

Origin story

The origins of Your Love Code

are inseparably combined with my personal experiences. About 19 years ago, right after my longtime relationship broke apart, I was wondering whether my long-time partner and I had been a well-matched couple. I also asked myself, how I could find the right kind of partner for a long-term relationship.

Some call it destiny others coincidence – I was standing next to a newspaper stand in Düsseldorf, where I noticed the cover of „Psychologie Heute/Psychology today” with a headline similar to “partners choice, happiness is feasible”. Some call it destiny, others a chance – I was standing at the central station in Düsseldorf in front of a kiosk and then spotted the cover of the “Psychologie Heute” (Psychology Today) magazine with the heading A likable man radiating energy was standing there looking at me. He said, “You should definitely read the cover story”.

Meeting Mister Warren Benz and buying “Psychologie Heute” magazine laid the foundation for my interest and research in emotional connection and relationship advice. I was thinking a lot about romantic love and matching couples. I analyzed where the deep love between people comes from. I wanted to know the truth about the language of love.

Without thinking any further, I bought the magazine. As we continued to talk, I learned that we were going in the same direction. The trip took about two hours. He asked me why I was so sad. I told him the short version and ended with the fact that I had just split with my long-time girlfriend. He replied: “Please listen carefully to what I’m about to say! If you do, you will comprehend the mechanisms of soul mate matching. You will be able to help not only yourself, but others as well!!!” I was so fascinated with this relationship advice and our conversation that I made a summary of the what I remembered from the conversation as soon as I got back. Warren Benz, which was the name of the man, studied psychology, physics, biology, and computers science. He did not shy away from the ancient sciences. In short, I learned the following:

  • every human being is not only a product of matter but a unique matrix, too. This matrix is defined by a number of algorithms including the following parameters:
    • date of birth (matching a given configuration of the planets in our solar system)
    • name and surname (matching the energy metrics of Pythagoras, where each letter is a carrier of a unique energy load)
    • physical resemblance between two people;
  • practically all theses in the article in your copy of Psychologie Heute are true;
  • similarities attract each other, meaning that resulting energies attract each other;
  • when choosing a partner, intuition is superior to reason;
  • you should learn about energy, including human energy, from such sciences as quantum physics, neurobiology, psychology, etc., but do not forget about ancient sciences;
  • learn more about it and try to grasp the so-called EPR phenomenon resulting from the research of Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen;
  • a small group of people associated with the media are trying to impose the so-called beauty ideal to millions of people all around the world. When it comes to matching couples and connecting singles, this ideal is completely false. There is no single universal type of beauty or universal energy right for everyone;
  • they say that partnership came into being thanks to magic. I say it was thanks to the joining of synchronic energies;
  • the most inspired scientists of the 20th & 21st century have discovered that there is no real matter. There is only energy. This means that you yourself are composed of energy. This also means that we communicate by energy transfer;
  • i am relatively certain that energy relationships between people will soon be taught in primary school just like the alphabet. Especially during childhood there is a great need to explain the various forms of energy transfer that are of great importance in life, but often little understood by the parents;
  • the way how the energy is understood and utilised is crucial, as it determines our health and also our fortune and misfortune;
  • let me quote someone very wise: “Deep friendship is love without sex”- you may need some time to grasp it. When you comprehend how energy operates in general, you will subsequently understand how energy acts in partnerships and subsequently, how energy works between friends;
  • your Love Code is the key to your heart: he completed in English.

Similarities attract

Similarities attract

The article explained that choosing a life partner mostly relies on physical similarity. A thesis just as fascinating as obvious. Does the secret of finding your true love and the creation of a long-lasting relationship lie in finding the one person in a million, which is most similar to us? Is this person our soulmate? Will it help find a perfect matched soulmate? Can this be the key to connecting singles.

What similar means?

Genetic similarity is just one of the factors that influence our actual resemblance to other people. One's cultural background, material status, family situation, life experience and memories matter just as much as the Soulmates are similar to each other in different aspects. Our love code helps to uncover these similarities.

Today all online dating services offer an analysis based on these elements. That is why in order to register on such websites, you have to insert detailed information about yourself. Filling the lengthy forms is painstaking and takes time. The algorithms based on the provided information will not take the continuous flow of energy between people into account. Soulmate relationships are unlikely to blossom by applying these criteria. Deep love is something more. When you are looking for a new love, use the love test and find out who your soulmate is.

What similar means?

Intuition and energy

By analyzing the vast body of literature from the field of psychology, biology, quantum physics, neurobiology and cosmology, we came to the conclusion that the choice of a soul mate doesn't rely just on intuition but mostly on finding a matching and harmonious connection with another person. This is the real key to finding true love. When you meet your soulmate, everything else will no longer matter. A perfect match is absolutely possible, check your love code with your partner.

This energy consists of our unconscious feeling of the similarity and affinity to that specific person. Resemblance – whether physical or emotional – is only the final confirmation of the fact that we made the right choice. Each person consists of more than just physical matter – When you finally meet your soulmate, you will feel a powerful spiritual bond.

The matching key
of spiritual energy

The matching key of spiritual energy

Each person consists of more than just physical matter – we all create a unique energy matrix. This matrix is defined by a number of algorithms, which include the following parameters:

  • date of birth (matching a given configuration of the planets in our solar system)
  • name and surname (matching the energy metrics of Pythagoras, where each letter is a carrier of a unique energy load)
  • physical resemblance between two people

The algorithms applied in the analysis offered by Your Love Code compare the energy matrices of two people and verify the level of their similarity. Thanks to that, in just a short time span it is possible to check how well you match another person’s harmonious energy. This is different to the service provided by online dating services. During the years of work on our keys (1997–2016), all the propositions from the article in the magazine „Psychologie Heute/Psychology today” turned out to be true.

The application of the algorythms for connecting singles

The energy matching can come in handy in many other areas of life than just searching for the perfect spiritual love. The matching energies attract each other and create very favourable constellations, which may be useful for connecting singles, but also in business life, helping to choose the right employees or business partners, or in finding friends. Surely you often ask yourself "who am I compatible with?". Looking for a compatibility test for two, you want to experience romantic love. You use online dating services and you have too many candidates. The harmonious love test can be a great tool to differentiate between potential partners!

The application of the algorythms for connecting singles


We do not aim at giving you the ready-made solution – we are not a dating website and we do not offer a base of potential 'candidates' for finding your soulmate. We offer a tool to verify your choice, while keeping the objective analytic approach. Our love compatibility test can help you find the right person. Dating can be easier. Your Love Code, love compatibility test, will help you get closer to this one person. Maybe soon you will meet your soulmate?