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We guarantee that your personal data will not be shared with third parties. In addition, you can enter your data anonymously when you do love test. Our love code is easy to use.
By providing only your birthday and gender for the basic analysis,
you will receive a result with an assessed precision of 70%.
By providing your first and last name, the results of the love test will be more precise by 15%.
You will receive an additional 15%
of precision for the love code by adding your photos.
Your result with a precision of : 70%
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Why are we asking this question? It's precisely the date of your birth that determines your energetic code. It is thanks to this information that you will get to know your love code.
Why are we asking this question? The letters of your first and last name constitute another energetic code discovered by Pythagoras. You can also encode your first and last name. Your love code will be more accurate and you will quickly find out who your soulmate is.
Why are we asking this question? Your face is also an element of your energetic code. Your head should be facing forward. If possible, your hair should not cover the shape of your face. You shouldn’t wear sunglasses. Add only the picture of your face, not of your entire body. The picture size should be 200 px x 200 px.
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Checking your own love code is quick and easy. You can do it any time and anywhere. Your code will be active all the time. Do our love test and find out what your love code is. You can now check who your soulmate is. Checking who fits you has never been so easy. It's a simple and effective way to find your soulmate.