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Years of research and analysis, knowledge taken from scientific studies. The basis of the YourLoveCode is science, not fiction!


The secret of a successful relationship depends only on you. Here You can learn more about Your matching key.


We've done thousands of match analysis. Our experience and unique knowledge guarantees perfect accuracy of our researches.



The origins of YourLoveCode are inseparably combined with my personal experiences. About 18 years ago, right after my longtime relationship broke, I was wondering whether me and my long-standing partner had been a well matched couple. I also asked myself, how I could find a new partner right for me. Some say destiny others coincidence – I was standing next to a newspaper stand in Düsseldorf, where I noticed the cover of „Psychologie Heute/Psychology today” with a headline similar to “partners choice, happiness is feasible”. Some call it destiny, others a chance – I was standing at the central station in Düsseldorf in front of a kiosk and then I spotted the cover of “Psychologie Heute” (Psychology Today) magazine with the heading “Partnerwahl: Das Glück ist machbar”1 (Choice of Partner: Happiness Is Achievable). A likable man radiating energy was standing there looking at me. He said, “You should definitely read the cover story”. When meeting Mister Warren Benz and buying “Psychologie Heute” issue I laid the foundation of my interest and research in emotional connection and relationship advice

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What we would like to achieve thanks to our key’s efficacy is that you save time while searching for a partner.

We want to draw people’s attention to the controlled and uncontrolled energy flows between them, especially soul mate partners!

With our portal we would like to maximize the probability of a successful get-to-know meeting with a potential partner leads to success.

The complexity of how to find your soul mate is easier to understand when we highlight the primary role of the intuition and the energetically informative sensory perception.

We’ll help you get closer too a large number of potential partners at just one click of a button, so you can make effective choices by using our page

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